About Us

"Welcome to World of Solitaire, where there is a chance for strategy and adventure on every card! For players of all ages and skill levels, World of Solitaire is about creating unique experiences, not just about playing cards.

  1. Our mission statement at the outset was to make the age-old game of patience accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our selection of inventive and timeless patience games includes games for all skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros. Every game has a fresh challenge ready to be taken on, ranging from the well-known Klondike and Spider Solitaire to the enthralling TriPeaks and Pyramid.

  2. However, World of Solitaire is a community as well as a gaming platform. Make friends with players worldwide, exchange strategies, and engage in friendly challenges to determine who can conquer the trickiest layouts. Even when the cards are put away, the enjoyment never ends thanks to the active forums and extensive social features.

  3. Our thorough training and strategy guides also provide insightful advice from industry leaders for anyone wishing to develop their patience abilities. Discover sophisticated strategies for increasing your score, master the art of card placement, and uncover the mysteries to being a genuine patience expert.

  4. Our goal at World of Solitaire is to give everyone access to an excellent gaming experience. Discover why millions of players have considered World of Solitaire their go-to source for all things solitaire by joining us, whether you're looking for some downtime, mental stimulation, or just plain old fun.

  5. Come join our community and let the cards guide you to endless entertainment and excitement.
    Welcome to the World of Solitaire where every shuffle brings a new adventure!"